News and Posters for rom-com Dal-li and Gamjatang

Romantic comedy dramatization Dal-li and Gamjatang is looking truly adorable in its most recent promotions. Kim Min-jae (Do You Like Brahms?) and Park Kyu-youthful (Satan Judge) star in the impending romantic tale between a uninformed, uninformed nouveau-riche, and an exquisite however credulous all around conceived woman. The most recent banner components an artistic creation of Park Kyu-youthful and Kim Min-jae moving, as Kwon Yul (Voice 4) gazes out of the way while in the display before the artwork.

Park Kyu-youthful and Kim Min-jae initially meet because of the takeover of the craftsmanship exhibition hall where Park Kyu-youthful, playing Dal-li, fills in as a guardian. Dal-li’s family is from old cash, yet they as of late became bankrupt. Conversely, Kim Min-jae’s person, Moo-hak, is cash keen and just worried about expanding his abundance. His folks ran a little gamjatang (pork bone stew) eatery that turned into a well known worldwide chain practically for the time being. Moo-hak can name all aspects of a pig and its guts, yet he knows nothing about culture or society — nor does he care regarding that kind of information.

Among the new stills, we see the person played by Yeonwoo (Undermine Me If possible). She plays Ahn Chak-hee, a delightful workmanship display proprietor whose family needs cash, however has power because of her dad being a public assemblyman. In the stills beneath we see her sitting opposite Kim Min-jae at a nearby tteokbokki joint, the two of them wearing sumptuous outfits. Chak-hee met Moo-hak at a matchmaking date, however still up in the air that they were not keen on one another, and they turned out to be dearest companions all things considered.

Discussing the personality of Moo-hak, Kim Min-jae said: “My initial feeling of Jin Moo-hak was that he’s exceptional and solid. In spite of the fact that he might be uninformed and uninformed, he’s an expert with regards to his work. I thought it was fascinating to have that sort of character set against the background of a craftsmanship exhibition, and for him to meet somebody that was something contrary to him and have that transform him. I additionally appreciated that the class was lighthearted comedy.”

Co-composed by Sohn Eun-hye and Park Se-eun, and coordinated by Lee Jung-seob, KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday dramatization Dal-li and Gamjatang will start broadcasting on September 22.

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