Police University: Open Thread – Written Update

The takedown of Educator Go, while fulfilling, additionally left us with the information that there was something else to the image besides we were seeing. He may be secured, however a close by baddie got away — and Educator Go effectively dumped his telephone without anybody seeing (so much for the horde of cops and cadets in general).

Our cadets choose to commend their triumph and head for a roadtrip to the sea shore. They skip around like the adorable doggies that they are, and our several gets a bit of alone time, direct holding and shopping, and later abandoned there, politeness of Joon-wook and Bum-tae. There isn’t a lot of plot important to the entirety of this with the exception of that we see Hee-soo and Dong-man come to help them, and we as a whole are baited into a misguided sensation that all is well and good.

Another semester begins at the police college, and causing everyone a deep sense of delight, Dong-man’s renunciation has been dismissed, and he’s back as a teacher. All that is by all accounts going on wonderfully, with the exception of Sun-ho and Kang-hee’s senseless misconception.

A desirous colleague collaborates with Min-kyu to trick the couple, and Kang-hee erroneously acknowledges a costly wristband from Min-kyu believing it’s from Sun-ho. Sun-ho is crawls from despair, yet the two clear this up before long, making me can’t help thinking about why it needed to occur by any means. (I would much prefer simply watch them being adorable, preparing together, and possibly kissing on the seats where they generally meet. Is that an excessive amount to inquire?)

Things appear to be excessively typical, and excessively plotless… and maybe that is deliberate, on the grounds that out of nowhere, Sun-ho’s gotten undermining visit messages from somebody who knows his actual way of life as Yoon the programmer.

Fortunately, Sun-ho and Dong-man are in total agreement. Similarly as Sun-ho understands that the case is really not settled, Dong-man has been feeling something very similar. He returns to the crime location and really reveals Educator Go’s telephone. He likewise affirms (once more) that somebody at the college is as yet behind the betting ring — Educator Go was for sure too low on the command hierarchy to be the one to bring down the ring altogether.

Thus, after all that, Sun-ho and Dong-man are fundamentally back where they began. One pawn is down, however the force structure stays set up, and all around stowed away. The other employees who appeared to be placed free somewhat recently, are for the most part back in the blend, and Dong-man currently confides in none of them, once more.

Dong-man first focuses on Hee-soo, and subsequent to neglecting to go with her in a similar vehicle, really chooses to tail her and see where she’s going. This prompts a remarkable Truck of Destruction episode, with Dong-man in a real sense Sideswiped by a colossal truck, and later hospitalized and in a post-medical procedure unconsciousness.

Our little group of cadets is deeply shaken, yet fortunately both Sun-ho and Kang-hee are up to speed. Sun-ho, however troubled, peruses Dong-man’s case notes what begin to connect up to what he knows, and Kang-hee, while leaving Dong-man’s room after a visit, really gets a quick look at the scanner tag baddie that got away from the location of Educator Go’s capture. She probably won’t capture him, however she places in a magnificent endeavor, and the occasion serves to put everybody’s watchman up.

While everybody leaves well enough alone watch in Dong-man’s room, Sun-ho is managing further dangers from the standardized tag baddie and attempting to pinpoint his area. It ends up being a boon that Kang-hee was stowed away in Dong-man’s room, since she catches reality: their most recent employee from the area (of whom Dong-man was dubious prior) is for sure the one behind everything.

He’s a super scoundrel, it appears, however maybe not very brilliant? He tells Dong-man out loud, over his emergency clinic bed, that it would have been exceptional in the event that he had passed on in the (non-inadvertent) mishap. The issue with miscreants admitting to their evil in the outside? Individuals consistently catch them. For disgrace! What’s more, during this scene, it’s two-crease: Kang-hee is stowed away in the room and hears everything, and Dong-man, now, is just play-acting the extreme lethargies to save his own life, and furthermore catches. Toss in Sun-ho surrounding the standardized identification baddie simultaneously, and it’s a nail-gnawing finishing during the current week’s scenes.

This precipice holder anticipation is greatly invited, since our plot took a bit of a plunge this week. Completing the cycle bodes well for the secret debasement of this betting ring, however I’m prepared for the plot to thicken and for something somewhat more desperate to occur. Here’s to the anarchy our next scenes will bring.

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