Lovers of the Red Sky: Recap & Latest News

The scene opens with a vivified introduction which recounts the tale of the goddess of labor, Samshin, whose three perspectives were liable forever, demise and keeping up with the harmony between the two. One day Mawang, the lord of death, eaten up the divine force of equilibrium and went out of control across the land, spreading fear and mayhem afterward.

A lady whose sweetheart passed on because of Mawang’s activities made a painting and appealed to Samshin, who fixed Mawang inside it and finished his frenzy. The lady then, at that point vanished suddenly and completely.

In the dead of night, the lord and his nearest consultants lead a mysterious custom. While possessed by his soul, the lord saddled Mawang’s forces and utilized them to overcome the world however presently fears what may occur on the off chance that he ought to let completely go. To guard his realm, he has made plans to give the lofty position to his child, Lord SEONGJO (Jo Sung-ha), and seal Mawang’s soul away inside a canvas.

The fixing custom is to be led by the Taoist group and drove by HA SUNG-JIN (Han Sang-jin), doubtlessly arousing a lot of embarrassment for MI-SOO (Chae Screwball hee), top of the shamans. As the illustrious painter HONG EUN-HO (Choi Kwang-il) adds the last contacts to his representation of the previous lord, his better half, asking alone at a disconnected sanctum, starts giving birth.

Wolves encompass her and the child, and she utilizes the remainder of her solidarity to appeal to Samshin to secure her kid prior to biting the dust of blood misfortune from labor. A brilliant butterfly shows up and changes into SAMSHIN (Moon Sook), who takes the child Hong Cheon-gi in her arms and disappears.

When the picture is set up the service starts, and Sung-jin draws Mawang’s soul from the abandoned lord’s body. His actual structure is a transcending dark evil presence with shining red eyes, and Sung-jin cautions not to visually connect with him.

As the composition was out of control, Eun-ho’s collaborator was seized by a strange energy, which delivered the two of them oblivious. While the custom is occurring, the associate ascents with sparkling green eyes and evaporates immediately and inexplicably.

Mawang puts forth an attempt to entice Lord Seongjo into shaping a union with him, however the ruler won’t take a gander at him and Mawang is repulsed by the sparkling gold weaving on his robes. Sung-jin’s floundering endeavors are supported by Samshin’s brilliant energy, and together they figure out how to draw Mawang’s bothering mass into the previous ruler’s picture.

Mawang utilizes the remainder of his solidarity to put three reviles: the first on Lord Seongjo, that his realm will endure dry spell and starvation; the second on Sung-jin, that his relatives will be lost in haziness; and the third on Eun-ho, that his relatives won’t ever paint again. With that Mawang is fixed away inside the picture, and the painted eyes become red.

Mawang’s revile has dazed the child Cheon-gi. It’s past Samshin’s forces to switch it, so all things being equal she favors Cheon-gi with a foreordained accomplice who will assist her with breaking the revile — and child Ha Slam is conceived.

As Lord Seongjo watches his workers lock the reviled picture away, he admits to his dad that he has questions regarding whether they’ve made the best decision. After the royals have left, the gatekeepers out of nowhere draw their swords and encompass the Sung-jin and the Taoists. Mi-soo and her shamans watch on as the Taoists are butchered, however Sung-jin figures out how to sever free and hurls himself a bluff before he can be killed.

For the following nine years the realm experiences dry season and starvation on account of Mawang’s revile, and none of Lord Seongjo’s endeavors to bring precipitation prove to be fruitful. Things are getting frantic when one day Mi-soo chances upon HA Smash (Choi Seung-hoon), a kid favored with a present for water divining.

Understanding that Slam could hold the key to making the illustrious downpour function a triumph, Mi-soo follows him back to his home and finds that his dad is Sung-jin, the Taoist who got away. After a brief supernatural skirmish of wills, Mi-soo advises Sung-jin that she’s presently the ruler’s head shaman and will accompany Smash back to the royal residence to partake in the downpour custom if he enjoys it.

Eun-ho’s mental stability was broken by his brush with the heavenly, and he presently sits in the road painting vague scrawls and murmuring rubbish. The neighborhood young men insult him and take his artistic creation, pushing HONG CHEON-GI (Lee Nam-kyung) to the floor when she faces them, yet run off scared when Eun-ho goes to her guard.

Mi-soo’s parade cruises by, and wisps of dark smoke start to rise out of Eun-ho as he prattles about not investigating “his” eyes. Detecting evil energy, Sung-jin naturally strikes Eun-ho, taking the energy out of him and reestablishing him to his detects.

Cheon-gi strides forward to safeguard her dad and Sung-jin takes note of an odd energy exuding from her, yet is occupied when he perceives Eun-ho. The two men welcome each other as old companions, both having gone through the most recent 9 years accepting the other to be dead, and Eun-ho and Cheon-gi go with Sung-jin and Smash to their lodgings.

Eun-ho clarifies that since the time they fixed Mawang away, he has endured seizures and slips of memory. The two men rapidly find that both their kids were brought into the world on that earth shattering day, and excuse Cheon-gi and Slam to talk about it secretly.

After a little quarreling, Slam follows Cheon-gi to the Baekyu Painting Organization, where they participate in an artistic creation example. Cheon-gi advises Slam to close his eyes and pay attention to the brushstrokes on the paper, then, at that point let his creative mind rejuvenate the drawings. Grinning cheerily, Cheon-gi clarifies that sound permits her to see the world.

A short time later Gyeon-ju, the Organization’s maid, sees a tear in Cheon-gi’s sleeve and removes her external robe to close it up. Cheon-gi blames Smash for purposefully not referencing it and furtively giggling at her rumpled appearance, since she doesn’t have a mother to ensure she looks slick, however Slam rapidly guarantees her that he tears his garments constantly so he didn’t take note.

Squatting on the ground, Cheon-gi sullenly attracts a twisting the soil — her impression of a star. Putting his hand over hers, Smash directs Cheon-gi to follow out the state of the huge scoop, a genuine star, making her grin.

Slam’s stomach protests and Cheon-gi proposals to think that he is some food, yet they’re waylaid by Samshin, camouflaged as a typical lady, in transit through the roads. Revealing to him he’ll require it soon, Samshin places a butterfly engage in Slam’s grasp which vanishes when he attempts to bring it back. Bewildered, Slam expects he should envision things yet as he goes to leave a brilliant framework of a butterfly is apparent on the rear of his neck.Mi-soo reports to Lord Seongjo that she has discovered a kid favored by the water god to participate in the downpour custom — the child of Sung-jin, the Taoist minister who fixed away Mawang and afterward endure the resigned ruler’s separate. Mi-soo accepts that a human penance is important to break Mawang’s revile, and begs Lord Seongjo to kill Slam during the function.

The remainder of the lord’s guides are stunned by Mi-soo’s arrangement and Ruler Seongjo concurs with them, proclaiming that the custom will be completed with no death toll. Mi-soo bows her head, however quietly pledges to do anything that should be done to end the dry season.

The peaches Smash thumps down crash to the ground around Cheon-gi, making her grin in enchant, yet he before long overbalances and drops out of the tree himself, arriving on top of her. The worker is woken by the commotion and runs towards them yelling, so the children rapidly get their peaches and escape the plantation inseparably.

The children breakdown by the waterway and Smash faults Cheon-gi for needing to take peaches and nearly getting them both whipped. Cheon-gi is exceptionally harmed, and sorrowfully reveals to Smash that he’s very much like every other person who disdains her and calls her reviled in light of the fact that she’s visually impaired, her mother’s dead and her father’s insane.

Smash apologizes, yet tells Cheon-gi that none of those things are her shortcoming so she shouldn’t fault herself for them. Both of them eat their illegitimate peaches and Smash grumbles that they aren’t ready, yet Cheon-gi grins and reveals to him hers is delightful. Seeing that Cheon-gi’s knee is draining after she stumbled running from the worker, Slam cautiously gauzes it utilizing his hanky.

Slam conveys Cheon-gi home on his back that evening, depicting the stars in the night sky to her as he strolls. At the point when they arrive at their objective, Cheon-gi attempts to return Slam’s cloth yet he re-attaches it around her knee and vows to come and gather it after the downpour custom the following day all things considered.

Cheon-gi tenderly follows her fingers over Slam’s face prior to inclining up to kiss him. Both of them bashfully guarantee to get back to the peach handles together the following day and afterward head inside.

Quite soon Eun-ho’s mental stability has slipped again and an experience with an irate client in the commercial center gives him flashbacks that leave him a yelling wreck. Not really settled to help her father, Cheon-gi passes on to discover some medication.

In the interim arrangements for the downpour custom are well in progress. The crown ruler welcomes his more youthful siblings, Sovereign YANGMYUNG (Kim Jung-chul) and Sovereign JUHYANG (Park Sang-hoon), lovingly yet Juhyang alerts him to act in a more noble way. The crown ruler takes this analysis in amiableness and says thanks to Juhyang for having his wellbeing on a basic level.

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